Today's From Around the Block features the amazing jewellery brand, Chewing Gum. 
CG is the project of two friends, Inês Franco and Maria Vaz Filipe, who believe they can
 express their ideas by fusing their passion for fashion, design, photography, video and jewellery,
and definitely they are doing a great job.  

Mulberry Collection 

All about CG is personalized, from the brand's layout to the pieces designs, photoshoots and packaging.
 This two gummers, couldn't have picked a better name for their project, chewing gum like
 chewing ideas and fun moments, and CG is all about being fun, cool, provocative and edgy. 
The brand's name is based in the ephemeral side of stuff. As we all know, 
everything is temporary, specially when we are talking about fashion and being creative.

Blackberry Collection
all images via CG

CG explores a innovative jewellery design, different from what we're used to see in our country. 
The pieces aspire to be a extension and complement of the body and they are all handmade, 
exclusive and they can also be customized. The CG pieces are versatile
and made for everyone to enjoy. 
You can find more about CG here

As for me, I just love all the pieces. Congrats on your project girls!


  1. Gostei imenso de algumas peças e já fui cuscar o facebook! :) a sweater descobria aqui Beijinho*

    1. As peças são o máximo!
      aah thanks Sofia, tou in love com estas sweaters todas!;)
      Beijinho *

  2. Those leg chains are interesting! A great styling accessory for sure.


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