It's time for my monthly favourites and this time it's all about Kiko.  The Italian "it" girl brand in the beauty world is one of my favourites. For those of you, like me, who haven't quite up the courage to splash out on pricy pricy products, there are some Kiko ones that do a very similar job. The price point sits somewhere between drugstore and M.A.C, so Kiko is definitely a lot cheaper option.  

Invisible Powder   |   As I said before my skin is the oily type so this kind of product is on my everyday routine. I used to go for the MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Power, but this one it really does the job right matyfying and fixing the make-up. 

Boulevard Rock Face Brush   |    Is specifically developed for applying face powders and it's very very very soft, really. I love it! As all the brand brushes, it's made out of synthetic hair, perfect for blending baked, compact or loose powders without leaving marks. I already mentioned the soft part?!

Face Make Up Fixer  |  An old buddy of mine and probably my best Kiko purchase ever.  It evaporates instantaneously, turning into this imperceptible and non sticky formula and, damn, it really fixes your make-up for hours and hours. The 75ml bottle size is also perfect to carry in your bag. 

Velvet Mat Lipstick 606 and 601  |   The perfect red and nude shades. Mat but not in a dry mat way, with a very soothing and velvety finish.  Love them!

Double Touch Lipstick 112   |   It's similar to the Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color, but this one is a lipstick duo with the shining effect option. It also lasts for hours like the Sephora one and don't dry or crack. 

Nail polishes in all shades as possible |   My nail polish collection is huge. I absolutely love the MAC ones ( the special editions are my favs) and Essie also,  but I must say that, lately, the Kiko ones are always my pick up choice, specially the metallic shades. The color range is amazing and their quality is pretty good. 

Hair Shadow and Hair Fixer  |  My last Kiko purchase and a really fun one. For those who, like me, haven't the guts to dye your hair (I love a pastel hair but....!!), this is a super cool way to do it. It's a temporary hair colouring powder, available in six shades and the color can be removed simply by washing your hair.   After applying it, just spray it on with the Hair Fixer to set the shadow pigments. However, there's a no no to this product. If you're wearing light clothes on top, the coloured hair can eventually spot them a little bit.  

It's great to see more affordable hight quality beauty products enter the market. Do any of these catch your eye? Or is there anything else you've been loving from Kiko?


  1. conheço pouco a KIKO mas so oiço falar bem!

  2. Também adoro a KIKO, visito sempre! :)

  3. gosto imenso dos batons e vernizes kiko. os mate para mim estão fora de questão, que me secam os lábios, mas aqueles sheer são maravilhosos e claro, super em conta.

  4. Adoro a KIKO, além de produtos a preço acessível, encontro sempre o que preciso!

  5. Eu conheci a KIKO quando estava a viver em Itália, ainda não existia sequer cá! :) Tenho alguns produtos de lá... Mas não é das minhas marcas favoritas, tenho que ser honesta. :x


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