Benefit Gimme Brow   |   I couldn't be more in love with this brow-volumizing fiber gel. It really sticks to the skin and hair, working perfectly on oily skin type and creates brows where before there were none. It's so easy to apply, the brush helps blending and shaping with precision. This beauty love is gonna be on my everyday purse for a long time, I'm sure. 

Benefit High Brow   |   An old buddy of mine that I rediscovered this past month. Again, easy easy to apply. This brow lifting pencil it's a miracle and has this really nice soft texture. You just need to put two dots above the arch and blend, and you're ready to go. No need to carry a shadow pallet and a brush. 

Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color  |  Best purchase ever.  I love lipsticks and I have a huge collection of them but this one, oh boy! The available colours are amazing and the texture it's perfect. Don't dry or crack and the pigmented color, well,  it really lasts for hours. 

 Marques'Almeida x Eureka Shoes Collab
Blue obecession on my feet

Go PRO Hero3 Black Edition & Fujifilm Instax Mini 8
Last minute surprises before going on holidays. The Gopro camera is amazing! We had loads of fun with it, it's a true underwater love. I'll show you later some shots in the holidays post. And that yellow  beauty, comes with me everywhere I go.  If you are looking for an affordable Instax camera, this one is for you. It's really light and compact. The film is expensive so maybe getting it on ebay will be a better, less pricy, option. I love digital and I'm addicted to Instagram, but that moment we're waiting for the image to pop up in the film, that surprise and nostalgic feeling it's just to good. 

John Green, The Fault in Our Stars  &  LOVE 12 Girl#1 A/W 2014 issue  &  Cereal 06 issue
Now, on my nightstand

I spent part of this month on holiday so when it came to writing up a list of favourites, apart from swimming pools and beaches, my list was pretty empty. So I decided to change up my favourites this month and make a remix by adding in some other categories as well as beauty.  


  1. adoro o Benefit High Brow e a instax é amor, claro!

  2. coisas para lá de boas, e eu ando cá de olho numa gopro, mas sempre que penso nisso acho que a minha vida não tem aventura suficiente para comprar uma lol


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