There's been lots of rumours surrounding the major houses about who is going where.

The latest news are related to the Balenciaga issue and comes at The New York Times,
 that reports that a "Paris source with knowledge" has named Alexander Wang as the 
frontrunner to replace Nicolas Ghesquière. If you remember, last week the french 
newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur lauched Christopher Kane for the place, rumour
 that was quickly denied by both Balenciaga and Kane.

 Until we have a confirmation, speculation is on!
But it seems Mr. Wang will indeed become the label's successor, we just have
to wait for an official announcement.


  1. go alex go alex! eheh é verdade, da secção de rapazinhos aliás! É um modelo para rapaz, o facto, é que um casaco para 14 anos me serve! Há sempre vantagens para quem é pequeno e magro eheh *


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