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Today's From Around The Block is about this amazing portuguese brand, Xperimental Shoes.
Xperimental is a project of two young designers and twins, Celia, graduated in 
Fashion Design and Ana Margarida who has a degree in Product Design.
 With their passion for fashion and communication, both believe they can express their
 ideas suiting experience and know-how from each other. 

Xperimental shoes is all about creating a new shoe concept by exploring different and
 innovative leathers finishes and applying it to the soles and avant-garde forms.
 In fact, this creative challenge in the footwear industry in Portugal is a breath of fresh air. 

The brand essentials are the comfort, the minimal style but yet belonging to the vanguard
 and being different , just like a gueisha sandal.  In that way, all the shoes models are
 inspired by the Far East Culture but all produced in Portugal. 


Like the brand name says, it's an experience. It's by exploring and deconstructing fashion 
through a new thinking, that this project has his basic concept. And you and me, we can be part 
of that experience. We can explore and choose the colors that suit us the most and 
reinvent the shoe model that already exists.
This way, we can have an exclusive and unique shoe. It's just awesome!

Do you like it? Find more about Xperimental here and here

This project is brilliant and damn cool. I love all the shoes models, but
Misuki is definitely my fav. 

all images via Xperimental

I can't wait to go Xperimental. 

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  1. ADORO!!!!

    Tenho sorteio no meu blog de uns brincos da Anna dello Russo para a H&M!!!



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