Today's From Around The Block is not about fashion design but interior design,
 awesome and cool interior design.

My Deer is a design atelier that creates interior design artifacts with deer rods, but their
 work is more daring and extravagant. The brand's concept and meaning is all about using
 art and design  as a way of removing the negativity of death and celebrating life. 
There is a common denominator in the brand's project, the tension resulting from the
 unity of opposites. The fusion between art and design, function and contemplation, 
eccentric and sober, bucolic and urban, beginning and end, characterize in a definitive way
 all of My Deer’s work.


 Hang On Collection

Every piece is a showcase of talent, creativity and imagination.
 The designers work deer rods transforming them into sculptures, lamps or jewelry holders,
 but My Deer also presents a painting collection  inspired by the Mexican death cult tradition.

Skull Me, I'm Famous Collection

These eccentric yet elegant and sophisticated design pieces are all animal friendly.
 It's important to note that no animal was killed or suffered in the creation process of any piece.
 The stems are available through the desmogue, a natural process that occurs annually and
 results in the stems falling from deers after they dispute the females thus leaving room
 for new stems to grow, which are bigger and more beautiful.

Flamming Stem

All My Deer pieces are unique, original, perfectionist and handmade and they
 can be  customized to better suit each customer.

Light Room Collection

Necklace Tree Collection

What do you think about these pieces? Do you like them?
Find more about My Deer project here and here

I found out about My Deer while I was reading Vogue and I was immediately 
in love with the designs and concept of the brand. The Hold On Collection is
definitely my fav. Those golden boards are just damn cool.


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