ART IN A SHOE | Louboutin x Marie Antoinette

Christian Louboutin is celebrating his French heritage by paying homage to the famous French Queen known for her lavish taste in fashion: Marie Antoinette. He has partnered with renowned embroiderer Jean-Francois Lesage of the House of Lesage to create a very exclusive line of shoes inspired by Marie Antoinette. There will only be 36 pairs of the shoes made, and each pair will come in a specially created box.

A truly shoe art. All the colours, the details, the materials, a perfect work of art shoes.


  1. São girissimos e vêm com uma caixa especial e um livro de ilustrações de como foram feitos os sapatos e os bordados. Mas são mega f... caros!

  2. Segundo o que me contaram, esgotou tudo em 30 min. lol Fui lá nesse dia à tarde e só haviam 2 modelos (mega terríveis, que ninguém quis). lol


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