A few months have passed since I last came here. You're probably noticing things are a little differente around these parts. This is actually the third time I've given CAAB a revamp in. Fingers crossed that my novice coding skills have all worked out. Although I kept sharing snaps of my life on Instagram (definitely my favourite platform), I felt the need to take some time apart from CAAB to redefine what it meant to me.  On a personal level, some bad stuff happened and to be honest,  I've just hadn't the patience or the inspiration needed to keep going around here. My motivation and creativity just took a spiralling downfall. In the last two years, I've been in and out on the blog, until I just gave up posting. Let's be real. Three years ago, my dad had some serious healthy issues and was fighting for his life, so at the end of the day, coming here and sharing anything exciting, content wise, didn't feel right. Don't get me wrong, he's alive and I'm truly grateful for that, but he's not the same man he used to be. So since then, me and my mum, we are just trying to live one day after the other.  That's why, on a creative basis, my mind wasn't here. I don't know if anyone reads this little piece of the internet here, but I love blogging and sharing my inspirations and photography and CAAB is a part of me. So this break was essential for me to put ideas together and inspire myself to create new stuff. I can only love you most when I love me best, ritgh?! Meanwhile, I turned 30th last November. And oh boy, this number always felt enormous in my mind. I was never one to dread ageing. I mean, as always I still feel like I'm 16, and I'm not intimidated if the first wrinkles decide to show up. But this year, more than any other, this specific number made me feel older, less adventurous and less and less me. Probably because my all life is on standby and has been upside down, and nothing is going according to plan. Somehow, somewhere in between all this stress and anxiety I've found motivation to achieve instead of being scared of failure. When you're surrounded by incredible people who love you like mine do - these thoughts may never actually reach your heart. I'm now determined to be the best version of myself and a little closer to who I envision to be. It feels good to be typing away again and the words are flowing freely. I guess now would be as good a time as any to make a little dedication to you, the readers of CAAB, and do a little housekeeping while I'm at it too. In the end, I've realised we need to say more ''yes'' and less ''no''. Out loud as well as in the way we live.

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