Velvet lip cream in Screen Siren
Pure Radiance Powder Blusher
Brow Specialist in Expresso Brown
Aqua Liquid Eyeliner in De Nîmes, All That Jazz and Bewitched

As y'all know H&M just launched a massive new beauty department and, this fall, the brand will unveil 700 new beauty products. The beauty line, that hopes to create fashion for the face, includes makeup, hair care, body care, beauty tools, a premium line and a conscious line. I'm all over it already and these were my first purchases. Lovin' the velvet lip cream, really long lasting and the color is gorgeous.  The blusher is also very pretty and the packaging, what a crush! I'm quite surprised with the quality and the texture of it. The brow pencil is really smooth but I'm not sure yet if it lasts on my oily skin. At last but not least, those liquid eyeliners are definitely my favs. A bunch of dreamy glittery colours hard to resist. I'll probably grab some more beauties, we might as well just give them all the money now. 

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