I always loved a good wrapping session. Since I can remember that I always customised my gifts, even before it was known by DIY. Gotta love a good packaging and playin' around with wrapping papers, shapes, ties and other materials. These are my picks for this year with lots of geometrics, obviously.  You all know my obsession with triangles and all pyramidal stuff. I hope this get's you in the festive mood and inspires you for your own last minute wrapping 

Merry bright Christmas y'all!!


  1. Wow estão giríssimos, adoro!

    Entretanto coloquei o teu blog como tag do meu ultimo post. Se quiseres e puderes responde, Obg e feliz natal!! bjs

  2. Adoro tanto, o papel é super giro :3

    xo ♥


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