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Wedge holographic shoes  .  Bimba y Lola   |   Mochino Phone Case  .   Cinco   |   Body Chain Piece .   Cinco   |   White Sandals  .   H&M   |   Sunglasses  .   Mon Père  |   Lipsticks  .   M.A.C x Pedro Lourenço

Summer is here and these are probably my latest picks for the season. Bimba y Lola going holographic (and with and early sale)  is just like cherry on top.  Remember I was with MAC x Pedro Lourenço collab on my mind?! Like all the MAC collabs, the products vanish from the stores but I was able to put my hands on these two amplified beauties, the True Red and Roxo. 

Just had the time now to show you my latest purchases from one of my fav' portuguese brands, Cinco. The lovely Li (you probably know her also from here) has always these cool pieces online, that make us hard to resist.  The Moschino phone case that you already saw on the Oporto diary,  is definitely my latest obsession. Gotta love french fries right?

And those shades, I found them in Oporto, in the music festival market and I instantly felt in love with them and with all the pieces from the brand. You can see Mon Père vintage and urban clothing here

What's on your summer list?


  1. Adoro sempre as tuas fotos!!!!

  2. Estou aqui a babar-me para as tuas coisas!

  3. As sandálias da Bimba e os batons!!! Quero tanto ver se ainda os encontro... Era MESMO feliz se ainda houvesse algo dessa colaboração à minha espera! :p


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