LASTEST NEWS | M.A.C goes interactive

This week M.A.C Cosmetics launched a new and innovative
 interactive video for the Glamour Daze Collection campaign.
You can choose and control de storyline, the make-up application 
and, ultimately, the final beauty look. There are 16 possible storylines
 and 8 possible makeup looks.


The collection itself is a celebration of how great being  a girl is and
 the fun stuff that comes with this like getting  ready for a night out.
 And this video proves it. I already try it, and it's so cool and fun!
A brilliant idea of how a brand can show a collection and make us 
users try it and have fun while we're doing it.


  1. LOVE IT! Quite possibly need to share it on my site as well! xx

  2. haha está muito fixe! <3


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