INSIGHT | Lady Dior web documentary

Most of you may be following the Lady Dior web Documentary.
 This online exclusive documentary series is being released fortnightly for the past few weeks.
 This five-part saga follows the actress Marion Cotillard, the face of Lady Dior, as she offers
 sneak glimpses inside the world of Dior.

In the first of five films, the Oscar-winning French actress visits Dior atelier and
 meet the seamstresses who transform her sketches into a dress. Marion follow all the
 creation process of those beautiful dresses that we see on the runway. 

This week was launched the 4th episode where the history of Dior comes alive in a 
sweet animated film, which soundtrack is an original song written and performed
 by Marion Cotillard, exclusively for the House of Dior. Actually you may have noticed that in 
one of the films, the actress finishes the episode chanting Nantes from Beirut.

 Got love CD, Marion and her lovely voice. 

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