Today's From Around The Block features the brand Deblanc, the project of two friends, 
Pedro Carvalho and Isabel Miranda.
Deblanc was launched in May and it's all about t-shirts, printed cool t-shirts. 

The prints are inspired in known fashion logos and quotes or statements related 
to the fashion industry

Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection

Both friends work in a textile company and both enjoy their jobs, but the desire of 
building and create a project together,lead them to Deblanc. 
Their knowledge and professional experience,guarantee the quality of the knitted
 fabrics and the stamping.
All Deblanc designs and products are 100% made in PT, from the fabrication
 to the print design. 

Summer 2012 collection

Do you like it? Find more about Deblanc here

I love printed t-shirts, and these ones are really cool and fun. Double crush.


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